Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Transporting IH to the workshop

The day after the wings were removed, we tackled the job of transporting the fuselage off to the workshop. Ray Scrobie had made his trailer available for the day which although it was designed to carry a Jabiru, was just big enough to take the Taylorcraft so long as the undercarriage was removed.

Removal of the undercarriage meant disconnecting the brakes (courtesy of a pair if side cutters) and the removal of the bungee cords. We managed to remove the lighter cords with the bungee tool but the heavier cords put up much stiffer (sic) resistance and had to be cut off.

The resulting fuselage is much easier to handle. You don't realize just how heavy the undercarriage is until it is removed especially with the wheels on.

Holes were cut in the fabric and the straps passed through and tied firmly onto the trailer. Don't do this after the aircraft has been recovered though.

Rob and Ray helped manhandle the aircraft into the workshop which turns out to be a snug but manageable size for the project

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