Sunday, 2 December 2007

Spot the difference

December already and I'm still stripping fabric off the fuselage and removing interior components. On Saturday the main fuel tank was removed along with the last of the cockpit instruments and fuel lines (unfortunately I forgot to take my camera with me to the workshop so there are no photographs to accompany an article (I'll put something together for the next posting and discuss removing the instruments and floor).

For Sunday I decided I needed to tidy up the workshop a bit. The problem with disassembling the aircraft is that you end up with a pile of bits scattered all over the workshop and if you're not careful it gets out of control. To begin with I've added a bit of extra storage curtesy of two shelf brackets so that I can put some of the timber, additional lighting units and wing bands up out of the way. This has cleared some of the floor.

Next, I've put more tools up onto the tool tidy at the nd of the workshop. Most of these tools had been lying around on the shelving, taking up space where I want to store any components taken off the aeroplane. This has given me plenty of storage space so that I can start to bag and tag the components (instruments, interior parts, fuel line fittings etc) as I take them off. Once they are tagged and bagged they are put onto the shelves where they will be stored until required.

Some of the stored parts will not be reused in the rebuild, but are saved so that I can use them as templates when re-manufacturing later.

So here are the Spot the difference, before and after pictures

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