Sunday, 11 January 2009

First Aileron Complete and a New Hat Shelf

A few photo's of the completed starboard aileron showing the strenghtened but rib.

The tip end rib also had to be replaced as the wood was cracked and had lost much (if not all) of it's residual strength.

Two general pictures showing the end result.

Although I will be starting on the second aileron next week I have also started looking at the design of a map shelf to fit behind the baggage sling. The design (I admit) was taken from that used by Rob in the restoration of G-BREY. Steel tabs will be welded to the fuselage so that the aluminium shelf can be screwed in place with machine screws. The map shelf is large enough that it require stiffening to prevent it from sagging even though it is not intended to support any real weight. It is far enough to the rear of the aircraft that any weight in this area will impact on the c of g of the aircraft.
Next week I'll post more details on the design of the map shelf and the stiffeners to be used.

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