Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Finishing the Ailerons

I have finally gotten two refurbished ailerons, but before I put them to one side, I wanted to check that everything fits in relation to the wings. I'm basically using the wings as a jig to check the alignment of the ailerons with the new hinges.

The port aileron fits without a hitch but the alignment on the butt rib of the starboard aileron is out for some reason and of course I've no photograph to check the alignment prior to the rebuild.

The extent to which the but rib is out of alignment can be gauged by looking at this photo, about 1 cm at the trailing edge.

To rectify this, I've used a piece of trailing edge, cut down so that it forms a box section that will fit inside the existing trailing edge when it is cut.

After riviting, I will fill the gap with micro balloon filler so that the repair will be less obvious. The rivit heads will be visible because they couldn't be countersunk but tey are no worse than screw heads used all along the trailing edge.

I've checked the fit after the repair which gives a much better fit now with the wing. The ailerons will now be put aside, uncovered, until I come to rig the aircraft way in the future.

Now back to the fuselage and a lot of welding work....

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